Friday, 11 November 2016

Boost your Magento website speed and improve performance?

Magento is a highly customizable e-commerce platform and content management system that you can use to build online storefronts. It has become widely necessity for e-commerce business to choose best web platform and grow their online business in this competitive world because the web is full of website but which draw the close attention of the visitors is what matters today.

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Here in this post, I would like to discuss the e-commerce business and how to boost Magento website speed and improve performance. In order to boost up the performance of the site, ensure that Magento platforms are set up properly.

Following are the tips that boost up Magento site speed and performance.

Enable caching:

It is important to enable caching to reduce the number of database operations required for each page request, as this will optimize the performance of the site. And there are catching extensions that can also be incorporated to speed up the site.

Image optimization:

The 50% percentage of a website page weight is made up of images. Optimizing your product images can radically increase the speed of your pages.

Remove the unused codes:

Sometimes while writing code Magento developers repeat the same codes which reduce the loading speed of the website, therefore, ensure that you remove the unused codes from the home page. For doing so, you can go to the CMS menu, check the main page, go to home page and remove the unused codes

Tip: Magento Admin-(top menu) System > configuration, (left nav) Advanced Developer, (main page) Javascript settings, CSS settings. Set “ Merge Javascript” and Merge CSS Files to “Yes”.

 Enable output compression:

This can only be done if mod_deflate apache module is installed on your server, it will help to reduce the text and the files that keep you waiting are generally the CSS and JavaScript files are sent to the server and then the browser awaits a response before.


Discussed above are some of the tips that could help you increase the Magento website performance and those who are familiarized to server administrator can do extra. Do let me know if the article is worth to read.

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